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When you pair selflessness with compassion, you've got transformational force. Rich Wilkerson and his wife Robyn fill this exhilarating book with exciting stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for God. The Wilkersons' concept is that anyone can be a servant leader. Age, background, and education don't matter.

The Wilkersons have followed servant leaders into hospitals, prisons, and high-crime areas. Their book isn't about culture, politics, or religion. It's about setting aside differences, forming new bonds with others who choose to meet needs, and taking action. In these pages you'll find concrete reasons to both lead and serve.

<div class="HeaderTxtSimple">About the Author</div>

Rich and Robyn Wilkerson have been helping people who are in crisis since the 1970's. The Wilkersons and members of their church actively minister in hospitals, prisons, and high-crime areas. The results are amazing. When the couple came to Miami to minister as co-pastors of Trinity Church in the 1990's, the church consisted of about 250 people. Now attendance tops 4,000.

The Wilkersons are also the founders of a large social service organization, the Peacemakers Family Center. Rich earned an MA in organizational leadership and is currently earning his doctorate at Southeastern University. 

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